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Personal Picture Paige Orloff   |  Female   |  Los Angeles, United States   |  Married   |  writer mom cook
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I am a longtime Los Angeleno, formerly working in film and television production, now a freelance writer, a job I mostly love. But I'm not so in love with L.A. lately, which is why my family (me, my husband and our two young kids, plus a dog, a cat and one tadpole-about-to-be-a-frog) is about to move to a farmhouse in upstate NY. I'll be chronicling that adventure, along with my culinary explorations and my reading (and anything else that strikes me) here on culturecloud.

You can also find my blog at
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Chicken and Biscuits
When the seasons behave as though still between winter and spring, wet and cold enough to chill if you venture outside without enough layers between you and the weather, you want...
Staff Pick The Shiksa Seder
And this day shall become a memorial for you, and you shall observe it as a festival for the L-RD, for your generations, as an eternal decree shall you observe it. For seven days...
Staff Pick Cinema Verite, the
antidote to Reality TV
Reality TV is, well, not so real. This is not a shock to any of us.  It's one of my favorite guilty pleasures ("Amish in the City", anyone?) but revealing or truthful it's not....
Staff Pick The Lives of Others
Here's the original culturecloud post about The Lives of Others...check it out. This rave appeared on culturecloud well before A.O. Scott's rave about the film in the New York...
Are you a recipe re-
I have nearly never met a recipe I thought I couldn't improve.  ( Those of the incredible Suzanne Goin are a notable exception.)  I tweak, I experiment, I substitute, I add...
Food Blog of the Day
--Video killed the restaurant star
Sometimes, blogging is evidence of either too much free time, or too highly refined procrastination skills. The same, by the way, could be said of those who read blogs.  Adam...
Is smug the new
Lately, L.A., the temple of conspicuous consumerism, seems to be developing yet another attitude problem.  It's not enough, these days, to just sport the trappings of wealth, be...
Food Blog of the Day
--She's the top
Luisa, of The Wednesday Chef ,  is, at least for me, the queen, the ne plus ultra, the spiked sugar icing on the sweet potato bundt cake ...though others may have technically...
Oscars, eaten by
their young?
I didn't watch the Oscars last night, except for about 2 and a half minutes, standing at the bar at my favorite Thai place, waiting to pick up take out. I saw Sascha Baron Cohen...
February in L.A.
This question doesn't apply if you live in Southern California.  Here, February is actually the most glorious month of all--alternating days of cold temperatures and warm,too,...
I live to impress
I am a big slut when it comes to praise for my cooking.  You show some appreciation for my dinner party efforts, I am pretty much putty in your hands.  No matter how tired I am,...
Staff Pick The definitive pizza
I grew up in Chicago, where there is a unique and gluttonous civic identity founded upon, among other things, hot dogs, Italian beef and sausage sandwiches and deep dish pizza.  I...
So you call yourself
a reader? Check this out....
The New Republic has launched a salvo, but it remains to be seen if return fire will follow.  In a searing essay , TNR outlines exactly how the two major book reviewers in the...
They call it
literature, but to me, it's guilty...
Some books are labelled literature, but don't live up to the name--they're junk, masquerading as important. (The odious, self-important Memoirs of a Geisha comes to mind.) But...
Too Soon to Tell
Clearly, the Bush presidency will be judged as one of, if not the absolute worst in American history.  But this question presumes that the presidency is nearing the end of its...
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